Mediterranean Shakshuka

What Is Shakshuka and Where Did It Come From?

If you want to know a perfect dish that exists in this world then the only name which you may found from various sources will surely be Shakshuka. It is because this is the only delicious dish which has taken the heart of millions of people and now it is becoming one of the mighty famous dishes which you can ever taste. Well, Shakshuka is basically a Mediterranean dish that is commonly being served as breakfast. You may have seen Shakshuka or any of the same form of the dish in various of your breakfast menus before.

Mediterranean Shakshuka

But what Shakshuka actually is and where did this amazing and delicious dish come from can be the questions that are creating more curiosity. It is because most of the people around especially the ones who are food lovers too always want to know the details of their favorite dishes to get better information about that. So, here we have brought some interesting information about Shakshuka for you, have a look to know more about Shakshuka.

What is Shakshuka?

Do you want to know what Shakshuka actually is? Well, having a look at the following description is surely going to provide you the answer to this question with ease.

In the simplest form, the Shakshuka is a dish which is a warmly spiced vegetarian dish which comes with the saucy tomatoes. Classic Shakshuka is a dish in which eggs are being poached in the tomato sauce, different kinds of peppers and garlic. And most commonly it is being spiced up with the addition of cumin, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, and paprika. Most commonly Shakshuka is left whole and rumbled to required doneness, which means you can get it in different forms whether hard-cooked so that the egg yolks are firm or lightly poached as you prefer to get this one. Well, usually Shakshuka is a dish which is a bit spicy because of the addition of some spices which are mentioned above.

Where Did Shakshuka Come From?

Although it is said to be that Shakshuka is originated from the Ottoman Empire where the dishes based on tomato sauce were common to prepare. While some people also claim that Shakshuka came from Ottoman Turkey and while some are also saying that this dish belongs to Morocco. Well, at the present time Shakshuka is most strongly been associated with the Middle East and particularly Israel and it is being said that here this dish was introduced by the Jewish immigrants which were come from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Libya.

From whichever place of the earth this belongs to, Shakshuka is actually an undemanding, affordable and filling meal actually. Due to its perfect taste and affordability, it is gaining popularity all around the world and is being an important part of breakfast at various places.

Commonly this delicious dish is being served in a skillet which can keep it from falling around and the use of skillet is quite a great option because by this the dish stays warm until you finish it properly.

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