Hola Locos

Hola Locos

Idan Lifshitz, chef of his signature restaurant “Loco Tulum”, has opened in Tulum. It offers a unique opportunity to taste his Mediterranean cuisine dishes, in which flavors and colors converge to create the full authentic experience.

Loco Tulum is the idea and philosophy of emphasizing the delight of every flavor, aroma, color and above all, the true taste of each offering. In turn, it tests the senses, and creates a moment of true enjoyment of life.

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Loco Menu

Loco Menu

Everything in Loco Tulum’s seasonal tasting menu was designed to puzzle, amuse and amaze you. This is done by impresario waiters who enjoy the spectacle as much as you do. Behind this masterful display is Chef Idan Lifshitz and his talented culinary team. They have mastered the art of achieving astounding new flavors, textures and aromas. Of course, with the added focus on regional ingredients and sustainable growing practices, you have a dining experience that is both a visual feast and culinary triumph!

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Chef Idan Lifshitz

Chef Idan Lifshitz

Chef Idan has been involved in creating some on the best, if not the most, creative Mediterranean kitchens in Tel Aviv during the last 10 years.

He brings his own background to influence is unique style. For example, elevating a humble Gnocchi Chestnut w/ Truffle Butter, into a dish with selectively sophisticated flavors. His sophisticated, yet somehow rustic style, is only amplified by the finest of ingredients.

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Janny Delér Review of Loco Tulum

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With 1.3 million followers Janny Delér knows what she’s talking about. Check it out:

“…. So Good!  Fish Taco is probably the best taco I ever had in my entire life. This place is called Loco Tulum so if you guys go here you have to go to this restaurant! We are going to eat here. Are we going to eat here tomorrow too?”


Loco Tulum – About Us

Loco Tulum is Chef Idan Lifshitz’s restaurant in Tulum that offers a wide range of his delicious Mediterranean cuisine dishes. The chef’s unique way of bringing flavours and colours together in his nutritious foods offers anyone wishing to taste the Mediterranean cuisine or dive headfirst into it, an unforgettable authentic experience. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Tulum and sit embodies the philosophy of finding delight in every aroma, colour, flavour and the true taste of every dish in the Mediterranean cuisine that our visitors decide to try. The chef’s intent is to provide the best food experience in Tulum beach by offering a variety of options all guaranteed to test and tease your senses and bring an enjoyment of life in that moment of enjoying the food.

Unlike other Tulum beach restaurants, Chef Idan Lifshitz has created a seasonal tasting menu for the restaurant. The menu is bound to amaze, amuse and puzzle you. Our restaurant has impresario waiters behind the menu presentation and supportive of the culinary team. The presentation of food in the restaurant is an aesthetic delight for the eyes and like the food’s flavours, aromas and textures, the presentation is also an art that the impresario waiters and the culinary team guided by the chef have mastered. To make it a truly authentic Mediterranean experience, our restaurant focuses on regional ingredients and uses foods grown using sustainable growing practices.

The Best Menu in Tulum

As one of the best restaurants in Tulum Mexico, you can enjoy the full Mediterranean experience while you watch the waves lapping at the shore. Such is the Loco Tulum. It is like a beach food festival where you can have the best dining experience full of flavour and delicious treats and where your eyes get a visual feast of the food, the ambiance, and the surrounding beach area. Loco Tulum does not kid when it comes to making your culinary experience a triumph. A mere glance at the menu is enough to make your mouth water. The pesto pasta and linguine are great meals to start with for an experience of how the chef gives them an amazing unique taste. Then you can bite into the tacos, especially the fish tacos and a side of chips and guacamole. The guacamole is a light fluffy delicious affair which makes it a great topping for the tacos making the overall taste so incredibly flavourful. The menu is amazing with a huge variety of choices and Loco Tulum has the best fish tacos. The choices in the menu are phenomenal. Loco Tulum’s asparagus appetizer is great, and can be followed by a super fresh salad and pasta or some other choice. Amazing wines, Israeli and Mexican wines among others pair nicely with the great food and there are some $1 tequila shots that the chef complements the tables with.

Other food favourites include the tartare and the shrimp tacos and pizza. Before you indulge into main dishes such as veggie pasta, and grilled salmon, you can indulge into starters such as wood oven pizza, Caesar salad and homemade bread. Main meals have great accompaniments such as grilled asparagus and mushrooms, fresh basil and parsley, broccoli, vermouth and mushrooms cream. You can also go straight to the whole fish which warrants a 20 minute wait but swill have you licking your fingers afterward! Then again our selection of desserts does not disappoint comprising of the stars such as the key lime cheesecake that comes with a delicious raspberry sauce and a homemade brownie accompanied by salted caramel. That’s just the tip of the iceberg that is Loco Tulum’s seasonal menu. On overall, this restaurant caters for both meat and vegan options and encompass the Mediterranean cuisine guaranteed to make you coming back for more. Loco Tulum’s reputation well precedes itself garnering great reviews for its amazing food and friendly service.

Great Service

Due to our commitment to offering a great well-rounded experience, we ensure that the service at Loco Tulum is great. Our severs are great and know the menu intimately and hence can offer you great recommendations if you are unsure of what to start with. The servers are also very welcoming and keep your attention while also being open to feedback and relays the same to the kitchens. The restaurant has a great chill vibe with music and playing in the background providing an awesome atmosphere that make you enjoy your meal even more. You can also hang out at our bar and it is loco! With the bartender an experienced mixologist, be sure that the cocktails are amazing and you will have the best margaritas ever among other shots, cocktails or even just a beer to chill with and enjoy the ambience and appreciate the surrounding beauty.

Chill Vibe for Relaxation

Our signature restaurant is located in the southern area of Tulum in the mangrove jungle and from the start our quirky white street sign, “Stop I’m Loco Tulum,” welcomes you to your tantalizing dining experience in thus tropical paradise. Vacationing in Tulum will make you exhausted and hungry quite often due to the numerous archaeological sites, international music festivals, water sports and Eco parks among other things to explore and hence, you need a chill awesome place to wine and dine and recover from your exertions and Loco Tulum offers that. First, our restaurant is located away from the hustle and bustle of the highly trafficked parts of Tulum beach and is among villas and exclusive resorts and makes heading there a relaxing stroll. The location makes you feel like you are in a remote haven to heal and relax besides the beauty of the Caribbean Sea and it is a simple but unpretentious setup with great food, a great environment and exemplary service.

Great Features

Finally, the prices at Loco Tulum are better than anywhere else in Tulum for the services and food offered. We also accommodate special diets such as vegan, vegetarians, halal, gluten-free and kosher options whether for breakfast, brunch, lunch dinner or drinks. Besides the Mediterranean cuisine, Mexican, Grill, Seafood, Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisines are also here and you can choose from among them depending on your palette needs. We have a full bar as well with ample parking. So come and enjoy a delightful dining experience for outdoor or indoor seating or even private dining with excellent food, service and ambiance.