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Events in Tulum Restaurant

Area: In Loco Tulum we have a garden for 60 outdoor guests, with Versalles chairs with beige cushions, and confortable tables. A bar with fine glassware for wines and delicious cocktails.

Kitcken:  In our open kitchen, the food is 100% fresh and high quality, variety of fishes, angus fine cuts, pasta and vegetarian dishes. We have a clay oven “El Tabun” to prepare homemade breads and pizzas.

Services: As part of our services we have solar energy and light generator for emergency cases, guaranteeing the quality of your event. Bathrooms, fire extinguishers and housekeeping staff. Bosse sound system where you can connect your own playlist.

Hosts, waiters, bartender and maitre uniformed and with a big smile to assist your guests.


Cocktail Option:

Welcome Drink

Variety of appetizer (8 per person)

Open Bar for 2 hours (Tequila, run, vodka, cerveza y whisky)

$490 p/p +  15% services.

Open Bar Extra time: $150 p/p per hour

Dinner Option:

Welcome Drink

Homebread + Appetizer + Main Course (Fish or Pasta) + Dessert

Open Bar for 2 hours (Tequila, run, vodka, cerveza y whisky)

$690 p/p +  15% services.

Open Bar Extra time: $150 p/p per hour

Loco Tulum Option:

Pizza Party and Taco´s  Time

Open Bar for 2 hours (Tequila, run, vodka, cerveza y whisky)

$490 p/p +  15% services.

Open Bar Extra time: $150 p/p per hour

Events at Loco Tulum

Having or hosting an event soon, why not have it at Loco Tulum? We have the square footage, the right people, and the kitchen to make sure that your birthday party, anniversary celebration, wedding or rehearsal goes off without a hitch. Whether yours is a simple celebration or a gathering of peers, we have the perfect ambiance for any type of festivity that you want to host.

You can expect our experienced team to deliver a high level of creativity and customization that will make your event stand out exactly as you envisioned it. Our goal is to offer all our guests tremendous value from handling communications to offering any technical support that you may require throughout your event.

We also offer staging for your event and we will provide you with award-worthy catering. We will partner with you on every aspect, tailoring your program so that it can feel as though the setting was designed around your event. The end result, will be nothing short of magnificent.

Your Loco Tulum Event

Loco Tulum has been designed to accommodate your every need. Our setting is made up of several dining areas and an outdoor garden dining setting that can seat 60 guests on our Versailles chairs. It does not matter whether yours is a corporate gathering or an intimate celebration of family and friends, every detail executed will be an embodiment of your personal style and wishes.

The restaurant can customize a menu for your event and you can enjoy our extensive wine list and full bar, as well as the hand-crafted cocktails that you can choose to pair with your meals. Our menu consists of a high-quality variety of fishes, pasta, Angus fine cuts, and vegetarian dishes. Additionally we own a clay oven “El Tabun” that prepares the freshest homemade breads and pizzas. If yours is a stand-up reception, be sure to speak to us and we will make the necessary changes needed to accommodate you and your party.

What you can expect from Loco Tulum

A Loco Tulum event is unlike any other. We will set the ball rolling by getting to know everything that we can about you so that we can get a clear picture of your personal vision. Our staff will work and coordinate all the components of your event with every aspect meticulously planned and flawlessly executed.

And then, of course, there are the legendary Loco Tulum staff members. For your event, a dedicated wait staff will be assigned to you at all times so that your guest’s plates are never empty and their glasses are always full.