Here is What We Are Doing at Loco Tulum Restaurant in Mexico to Deal with COVID-19 in Terms of Safety

Our responsibility is to protect employees, customers, and communities to slow down the spread of COVID-19. As a team, we’ve taken various considerations to guarantee everyone’s wellness as we encounter emerging illness cases. Our mindset enables us to follow all the relevant authorities’ guidelines to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone. At our restaurant, we understand the dynamics of the coronavirus pandemic. We are keeping a close eye on all the developments to ensure we have the right practices that should keep our guests, employees, partners, and food safe.

It’s worth noting that local officials have a set of guidelines that they’ve issued, and we are adhering to all of them. However, COVID-19 is a developing health issue, and we are prepared to adjust when the need arises. At the moment, the following are some of the things we are doing in our restaurant to guarantee a high safety level;

Conducting regular wellness checks

We understand that everyone’s safety that walks through our doors depends significantly on the health of our employees. We take the relevant measures to check on their well-being before they enter our kitchen.

Washing hands often

We encourage washing hands at least after every hour and between tasks. Hand washing is done using antibacterial soap for at least 20 seconds, as recommended by the health officials.

Frequent sanitation and cleaning routines

During this pandemic, hygiene is a priority, and the only sure way of stopping the spread of the virus. As such, we’ve increased sanitation and cleaning routines to at least every 30 minutes.

Sanitizing hard surfaces

Our employees have been at the forefront of dealing with this deadly disease. They have taken the initiative of sanitizing hard surfaces such as counters, POS screens, and payment card swipers after every 30 minutes.

Wearing gloves 

We encourage our bartenders, servers, and hosts to wear gloves and wash their hands whenever they change their gloves or after dealing with cash.

For our guests, we recommend they follow the following guidelines;

  • Regular hand washing and drying of hands with a disposable tissue
  • Not touching the face (nose, eyes, and mouth)
  • Maintaining social distance and avoiding close contact with anyone with flu-like symptoms.
  • Staying home when sick
  • Covering the nose or mouth when coughing or sneezing with a flexed elbow or using a tissue that should be disposed of immediately

We understand that COVID-19 is a massive challenge, and our responsibility alone cannot fight its spread. That’s why we urge the community to adhere to the provided guidelines while going on with the daily activities. It’s worth noting that we are following the pandemic situation closely at our restaurant and will keep on adjusting to the new developments to ensure we deliver great experiences to all our guests. We prioritize the safety of everyone who comes to our restaurant and will keep on doing so until everything gets back to normal. As always, we are grateful for allowing us to be part of your family and culture during these challenging times.

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