Loco Tulum Pizza with a Glass of Wine

Your guide to Classic Mediterranean Foods and Wine Pairings

Mediterranean meals have never been complete without some wine pairings. Great wine has the prowess to turn an ordinary meal into a remarkable experience. Plus, wine has therapeutic benefits. One study from the University of Navarra suggests a glass of wine a day can lessen or inhibit stress and depression problems.

Loco Tulum Mediterranean Dishes

While wine is a great meal accompaniment, pair it well with the right food to achieve the perfect experience. How?

Tips for a Perfect Pairing

With the many types of Mediterranean wines and cuisines, it’s easy to miss the pairing by a mile. Specific wines match with foods containing particular elements. Before settling on a perfect match, you must analyze the ingredients of both food and wine. They have to balance for an ideal match.

Loco Tulum Pizza with a Glass of Wine

When analyzing the balance, consider the intensity and strength of wine and compare the results to your dish’s ingredients. Remember, healthy or energy-rich foods will slow down wine absorption into the bloodstream. Unless you want a definite “hit,” opt for less intense wines when taking light meals.

Plus, remember to taste. You’re the one going to take the wine, choose a flavor that lights up your heart; you don’t intend to spoil your Mediterranean cuisine experience. If your flavor choice is intense, match it with strongly-flavored meals.

Choosing Mediterranean Wine

Mediterranean wine has become more of a gem because of the declining grapes’ production. But you can find good gems from around the world. Famous Mediterranean wines include the Picpoul de Pinet, from France, thought underrated its an impressive complement for seafood, oysters or roasted turbot well.

Loco Tulum Wines

Malvasia, Novel, Zibbibbo, and Marsala are incredible varieties from the Island of Sicily in Italy. The Malvasia is sweet and excellent as a dessert wine. People love it for its subtle tones. You can serve it along with many deserts before veering to stronger varieties.

Novello stands out for its intense fruity flavor, Zibbido for its boldness, if you want a stronger hit at 20% alcohol; the Marsala is ideal. From Greece come some of the best wines. The Assyrtiko, Moschofilero, and Malagousia being the top. Greece varieties have more acidity.

Pairing Mediterranean Wines with Mediterranean Dishes

Mediterranean wisdom calls for simplicity. Pair lighter meals with friendly white wines and light red wines. Stronger meals should go with stronger wines. For instance, Grilled Mediterranean spiced lamb chops go well with the Marsala. Lighter meals like seafood dishes fit well with the sweet Malvasia or Zibbibo.

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