Mexican Food at LocoTulum

Revealed the truth behind great Mexican food

Irrespective of your food tastes, you will love Mexican food. The popularity of the Mexican menu continues to grow with Mexican restaurants all over the world. People love the dish because of its vibrancy and originality.

Mexican Food at LocoTulum

And whenever you visit Mexico, the aroma of savory dishes will draw you into one of the Mexican restaurants. No one takes a great meal without speculating over the tricks behind its splendidness.

Before you go for the next Mexican dish, let us reveal to you the mystery behind Mexican food.

Different Cuisines

Anything predictable is always bland and boring. Mexican food is different. There are many varieties of Mexican food, meaning you will always have something new and more enticing to try. But there are dishes you must taste once you rock into a Mexican restaurant. Chilaquiles, pozole, tacos al pastor, tostadas, and guacamole are a must try for anyone.

Fresh Ingredients

Nothing invigorates a meal like fresh ingredients. All the meals in Mexican restaurants are made with produce directly from the farm. Unlike other countries that use canned ingredients, Mexican dishes are natural and nutritious as a result.


If there is a reason you should fall in love with Mexican cuisines, it is the distinctive flavor of the dishes. Unlike many cuisines in the world, to Mexicans, cooking is an art and spices is their favorite ingredient for turning an average meal into a sublime experience.

Spices at Loco Tulum

Some of the popular spices used in Mexican restaurants include the widely known garlic, refreshing oregano, toasty tasting cumin, and the Chile powder, which is a remix of several spices.

Healthy Balancing of Nutrients

How the Mexicans combine all the nutrients to make a delectable cuisine is beyond imagination. The dishes include all sorts of ingredients; avocados, tomatoes, beans, chiles, nopalitos, fish, corn, and all types of beef.

Most menus have a balance of the nutrients, meaning one meal has protein, carbohydrates, and vitamin components.

Spicy Flavour

No Mexican dish lacks a spicy touch. If you love spices, Mexican food is perfect for you. With over 100 spice varieties grown in Mexico, there is no other proof the love for spices is enormous. The chili varieties vary from sweet, hot, smoky to earthy. Top chili varieties include poblano, ancho, super-hot habanero, serrano, and cascabel.

Margarita at Loco Tulum


No Mexican meal ends without a cup of Margarita, the healthy drink made of tequila, lime or lemon juice gets served with some little salt or sugar. If you truly want a taste of Mexican food, don’t skip Margarita, it is a perfect capping of your experience. The drink can be served with freezing ice, shaken with ice or straight.

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