Avoid these Four Mistakes for Delicious Tacos

It may not be Taco Tuesday today but that does not mean you can’t whip up some tacos for a finger-licking meal. Tacos are versatile foods worthy for breakfast, dinner or lunch. You can get creative with your taco recipes. To make your tacos pliable so that they don’t fall apart just as they reach your mouth, you need to ensure that you get your taco-making technique down to it. Basically, have a good tortilla, a great tasting filling, toppings and salsa. To make this mouth-watering hands-on meal, there are mistakes that you need to avoid for better-tasting tacos. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid when throwing together delicious tacos.

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1. Use fresh tortillas

The most critical part of the tortilla that makes the difference between a pliable taco and one that falls apart as you take a bite into it is the tortilla. It is however very important to take care of the outside part of your tortilla just as the inside. One way to do this is to make sure that in making tacos, you use the freshest tortillas that you can find especially if you have access to a tortilleria nearby. Best quality tortillas will result into a great taco.

2. Warm up your tortillas

Seriously, this is a major mistake people make when cooking tacos. Warm tortillas are more flexible and flavourful and hence improves the taco as a whole. You can warm up your tortillas over a medium or medium-low gas stove heat for a few minutes just when you want to assemble the taco. This will make the tortilla easily wrapped around your filling of choice and will help the taco stay intact until you are done with every mouthful like the best fish tacos in Tulum Beach in Mexico! Also ensure that you avoid heating your tortillas the wrong way. Yes, there is a wrong way to heat up a tortilla. If you heat your tortillas the wrong ways such as in the oven or microwave, they tend to get soggy or moist. To do it the right way, warm up a grill, skillet or griddle over medium heat and then place your tortillas to a light brown slightly toast finish on either side.

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3. Too much filling

It is tempting to pile in as much of your favourite filling as possible in your tacos and this creates a spill over. To avoid this gather up your will and resist this temptation! A moderate filling per taco will make a great well-balanced taco and give you more than one taco for your plate!

4. Leaving out extra toppings

Taco toppings have the ability to transform your plain taco into something exotic, delightful and flavourful! Therefore, grab those herbs, avocados, salsa, pickles and others that are fresh, spicy, crunchy, and salty to be a great complementary to your filling. Choose flavours you like and go ahead and enjoy that taco!

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