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Thahini in Mexico by Loco Tulum

Sesame seed paste is known as tahini, and it’s an essential supporting ingredient in the Middle Eastern, Greek, North African and Turkish cuisine.
There’s a difference between good and bad tahini.

Loco Tulum Restaurant

The best tahini is mildly nutty, creamy, and Savory. It’s rich and luxurious, with a texture like a loose nut butter.
Bad tahini, on the other hand, can be bitter and astringent, bordering on acidic, and can be dry with an almost chalky mouthfeel.

But, if you live or travel to Mexico, where you can get a positive tahini experience? Easy, in Tulum.
A loco fusión of fresh ingredients with autenthic mediterranean flavor, by Chef Idan Lifshitz located in the coast of the Riviera Maya.

At Loco Tulum you can taste 3 option of tacos, the famouse fish taco, shimps or veggy, with 3 amazing varietys of Tahini Sauce: Yogurth-tahini, Yellow Tahini and Chipotle tahini.

Because of its versatility and the depth of flavor that it provides, tahini has been recognized as one of the “mother sauces” that cooks should master.

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